Lets do this!

Dear reader, welcome to my today English blog!


This is a test for me, to see if a can write so you can understand and in that way it will be a test for you to ;)


I love English and thought that I need to practice more, use it more so I don’t forget…


So how has I spend this nice Sunday? Well I took my bad trained legs for I walk to pick up my car that I left yesterday at the fun crab fish party.

(Believe it or not but stiff boring always-sober Wivi actually liked to sing karaoke)


I took some few running steps to and I even liked that, and I missed the feeling - its about time now when the winter in coming to miss it and start running, so typical me!


When we later on picked up our kids at the babysitter we went to the golf course, some played and some droved the car around when the others played, I don’t tell what this girl with no patients did… But I can say that our little girls and there mum enjoyed the candy and the Pepsi on four wheel ;)  


I tried to play some but I lost the temper emergently… I get so frustrated and angry when there are things that I want to do, things that look so easy so I give up.


When we at last got home my dearest went to the gym, and me? I did what a good wife and mum do, clean the whole house and I felt so good about myself!  


My husband and me have an unwritten rule. I am in change for inside the house (except cleaning the pipes in the bathroom, it´s nasty ;) and he is in change for the outside area.  Where all the spiders and bugs are. Hate to clean but when I looked around in the house and it was clean and I knew that it is so much to do outside I got a warm happy feeling and I almost fell sorry for him. Harmed happiness is the true happiness as we say in this strange family…   


When we got the children in the shower, feed them and later on put them to sleep I got some Wivi-time in the couch but now time for bed because the week start very early when I have to get up at five in the morning.


Tomorrow I will start up my project “Welcome here” again after the summer. This is a project for integration and it is for those young women who arrive here from different parts of the world and want to live here in a safe environment, some far away from their love ones. We play some basketball and talk about our community and how we live here in Sweden. They always seem happy and we laugh so much and I am so happy that I can do this with them. They give me hope fore the world and laughter!


I hope you all had a great weekend and this next week to come will be even better and if it´s not so I can tell you that this weeks run by so fast and soon it is weekend all over again!


Love to you all <3 

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